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Expectancy vs Expectation in relation

expectation in relationshipWhat is expectancy? According to Merriam Webster, it’s the act, action, or state of expecting. Do you think that God has a certain expectation? Many times we think that God has set up a bar in our life. That He expects us to do this and that, and that our performance will be measured. I feel like a lawyer trying to pass the BAR exam. Yes, the Lord asks us to spread the gospel, save the lost, rewards will be given. That’s expectancy. But does He ever say “You must pass 95% of the total exam score to enter heaven”.

Sadly, in most relationship, expectation will build up. One way or another, we will expect our half to do the same as we did for them. And that will lead to disappointments when not fulfilled.

Once we have that expectation in our relationship, even in the friendship area, we are in danger of being trapped in thinking of what a person SHOULD do. According to capture his heart dating book a woman may expect a man to be chivalrous, a gentleman, and sweep her off her feet every day. A man may expect a woman to cook for him all the time and have the time to clean the house as well while children. I am sure women may not be happy if she has to do this to capture his heart. When this topic is not brought to light, their expectations will never meet, and people will get disappointed with each other. (more…)

The Tao Of Badass Changed My Life

dating guideA year ago, I had just come out of an awful split with my girlfriend. We had been together for 3 years and I loved every inch of her. I was just so devastated that I never thought I would get over it. Every night, I’d go to bed and cry myself to sleep. I tried to make it work, but in the end, nothing helped. My life felt as though it had ended and I was going down a very dark tunnel with no light at the end. I couldn’t see any hope for me. I hadn’t been on the dating scene for 3 years and I didn’t want too. I was happy with my girlfriend and thought I’d found the one. When we split, I hid myself away and worked longer hours to block out the pain I was feeling. However, after a few months of giving up on everything, I knew it was time to rebuild my life.

One thing I noticed, is that my confidence had hit rock bottom. I didn’t feel like I could approach women and I didn’t feel attractive anymore. I felt completely unsure of myself and felt sure that women would not be interested in someone like me. After hiding myself away for several months, I’d allowed myself to spiral downwards. I felt like I would never meet a woman again, let alone someone who would like me, both inside and out. That was when I discovered dating guide Tao of Badass written by Joshua Pellicer. (more…)

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Dating Tips for Men

Dating Tips for MenDating has now changed to a way to find out the real partner of your life. This is the mоѕt preferred way by the youth tо select their partners. But, everyone will not become successful, if they dоn’t knоw hоw tо date with their partners. This can lead tо break out of their relationships and ends in a tragedy.

Do you want to be one of this?  If you think no, then your should get to know how to date effectively. For this you have to follow certain singles dating tips described in Joshua Pallicer tao system guide.

Better say too little than too much

Yоu should nоt reveal еvеrуthing tо your girlfriend аt the firѕt day оf thе date. In case thеrе iѕ chance tо fell dоwn уоur moral values.

Dоn’t tеll that уоu live with your mother

You should not уоu live with your mother. This iѕ because, women will think thаt men living with thеir mother needs more care and lооking after. Today mоѕt оf thе women love tо date with men whо аrе independent. Thеу dоn’t wаnt ѕоmеоnе whо depends оn hiѕ mother. Sо bе aware thаt уоu dоn’t tеll theѕe thing.

Dо Start Slow

Dо bе gentle with уоurѕеlf аnd dоn’t aim tо gо оn a 10 dates in 2 weeks. Thiѕ iѕ nоt thе sorority оr fraternity competitive dating days anymore. Yоu dо wаnt tо make ѕurе уоu аrе meeting a lot оf оthеr people.

Go to the right places

Whilе уоu will eventually wаnt tо gо оn a number оf dates, venture back intо dating gently. A great wау tо start iѕ tо attend cocktail аnd dinner parties аt friends’ houses or you can date in your own house cook food with your hand using paleo recipe book. Yоu will start tо meet оthеr singles casually thаt way.

What is magnetic messaging system

Magnetic messagingMagnetic messaging is a very systematic way of messaging created by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge to assist men makes their target ladies feel more secure. This two great relationship experts discovered that that most ladies will always starting closing the slim window of opportunity that a man has after receiving her phone number. A man will have a very hard challenge to try and make a lady focus all her attention to him especially If a lady thinks you are not honest.

To handle all the known and speculative challenges, relationship expert Bobby Rio came up with a very unique text messaging action plan Magnetic messaging. It would involve making a woman getting so emotionally connected to you and stealing all her attention while at the same time making her feel that you are not like just any other guy. This is a magnetic messaging strategy that will monopolize a woman’s mind and make her not pay attention to the next man who may be interested in her. (more…)

Review of The Tao of Badass

Review of The Tao of BadassLots of buzz regarding Joshua Pellicer’s The tao of badass in the dating world had created new waives among dating youngsters as well as dating gurus throughout the world. Though you can know about the suitability of book for you only by reading it thoroughly but still brief information about the concept detailed in this book provided in this article will help you in your buying decisions.

There is nothing new to find a book that suggests you the ways to attract the women of your dreams then what is new in The tao of badass written by Pellicer so that you should buy it? In fact this book does not give any suggestion for becoming a real playboy to attract women of your choice but instead you can learn the ways to overall improve your chances to be with your woman, which is enough reason of buying this book. (more…)

How to Make a Woman Fall in Love

How to Make a Woman Fall in LoveWho has not seen a perfect woman walking down the street? Most of men would prefer to continue their way, instead of approaching her out of lack of confidence. This is a short article which will teach you some tips about dating an unknown woman on the street, making her fall in love, and having a solid and prosperous relationship, basing it on Obsession formula review. Want to know how to make a woman fall in love with you? Keep Reading!
Dating Tips for Men: How to talk to a woman on the street

As you may know, women are the most beautiful and divine living entities in the entire world, but they are the strangest human beings too. The way they think is so different to men’s. Never try to understand women, just love them. Before doing anything, you should keep in mind that you are a handsome, confident guy and that she will not reject you. The first thing you need to do is eye contact. It is very important to letting her know that you are interested on her. Then, you should smoothly approach and begin to talk about anything, some flirting might help. Using your voice is a good way of showing her your confidence and your attraction to her. You do not need to follow her anywhere; if she is interested she will accept the conversation and may flirt a little bit. If she is not, she will probably move away. Do not worry because although you were rejected, you will have thousands of opportunities with other women. If she has not left, continue with the conversation and remember to use your hands because it might help her follow the chat. Smiling is a wonderful idea too because it will let her know that your intentions are real and will probably accept any dating proposal. More tips on how to make a woman fall in love with you following next!

How to Use Body Language to Attract Women

body-language-to-attract-womenWhile it is important to use your excellent communication skills when meeting a woman, the key to attracting the opposite sex correctly is to use the right body language. Most of our daily communication is done using non-verbal communication means, and when it comes to attraction, this is no exception. The way in which you carry yourself will give off impressions to those around you, regardless of whether or not you are even aware this is occurring. So, the first rule to correct body language is to remain aware of your impression at all times. The second unique aspect of body language is that the results are instantaneous, and if done correctly, you will find the female of your interest taking notice right away. There are several key factors to remember when it comes to using body language to attract women, and you will need to work on perfecting each if you wish to create your own effective style. (more…)

Things That Attract Women

Flirting-Body-Language-If you are not getting the attention of the woman who you like, you definitely lack the things that attract women. Most men are trying so hard to attract women and making them self look awkward and pretentious. Below are list of things according to text your ex back program that attract women that you can do or use to catch the attention of the woman you like.

Proper grooming is the number one thing that you have to do if you want to attract the woman you like. You have to pay attention to your clothes and shoes. The clothes that you wear should give you nice look, but this doesn’t mean that you have to wear weird clothes. Try to wear casual clothes and make your clothes blend to the environment you are into.

Having a positive mindset and attitude are other things that attract women fast. Matured and attractive ladies are attracted to men with nice attitude and positive mindset. This is because men who think positive things succeed in their life more often than men with a negative attitude. (more…)